BRAND NEW ALBUM - It's Alright To Be Everywhere JHM 267



RELEASED October 16 by JazzHausMusik JHM267


Sascha Ley & Laurent Payfert

                                 "It's Alright To Be Everywhere" 






It’s Alright To Be Everywhere„ which has been released by JazzHausMusik turns out to be quite nice. Ley has a definite style on her own developed as singer, actress, poet and composer, while Payfert has a typical wonderful European style and sound. Inspired by those wonderful Sheila Jordan duet albums, but takes a different direction. One Man’s Jazz (CA) 11/19


Once again Sascha offered the audience a monument of ingenuity and originality.

… delirium, a delightful delirium that involves the audience into an infinite, devestating, yet emotionally charged waltz. A journey that only Sascha can offer us. Her voice is unique. She paves the way for imaginary and illustrated worlds and universes which enable the listener to build and deconstruct all kinds of unprecedented scenes in his mind. Laurent Payfert is astonishing at the double bass, he is a man of sound, a ferryman of sound experiences. An massive musical program that took the listeners to the limits of psychedelism.” ZEITUNG VUM LËTZEBUERGER VOLLEK 11/19 Michel Schroeder


The unbeatable combination of vocals and bass. Ley's vocals are great to listen to. Payfert is a very skilled and creative bass player. Together they have created an exciting and lovely album. You should definitely put this exciting and varied music at the top of your list. Jan Granli, Salt Peanuts (DK) 10/19 


An extraordinary duo - Recommendation of the week

Sascha Ley has a unique voice and style of interpretation that combines jazz improvisation, folk and contemporary music. The artist, reaching for various vocal techniques, comes out victorious from each practice, as evidenced by her concerts and records warmly received throughout Europe. Spontaneous sound creations are an interesting mix of contemporary jazz and experimental music. Carsten Dahl, Longplay (PL) 10/19


The new album by Sascha Ley and Laurent Payfert, It's Alright To Be Everywhere, reveals once again the experimental nature of their music. The opportunity for the public to (re) discover their talent for improvisation, characteristic feature of their music, sometimes impalpable, but still always explosive in live concerts. A duo that does not leave indifferent. Kévin Kroczek D’Land (LU)10/19


A very organic album ... a serious exploration of the depths and shallows of life in and of itself. Martina Folscheid Télécran (L) 10/19



ABOUT While we keep exploring the wide and wild universe of sounds, words, music and freedom our research also consists in finding the most organic way to combine and unite instant compositions with arrangements and composed works. Beyond the vocal and lyrical part of the instrumentation,  the exploration and combinations of even abstract sounds and expressions as an immediate form of communication are a vast and most beautiful field I love to explore. With Laurent on the bass the dialogue is as sparkling and fresh as ever, a quality that transmits the duo’s particular and exciting music in a natural way to the audience.

Discovering the unknown can be very exciting; the bridges to familiar sounds are built and transformed again. A journey, an adventure, curious ears are spoiled.

Our guests on the album are Jean Pascal Boffo - g, sfx and Murat Öztürk - piano - who both joined us for a couple of songs at the release concert and added some more colours to the album.

Sascha Ley


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Voice | Double bass

Sascha Ley & Laurent Payfert present the subtle art of combining vocals and double bass. Based on mutual musical affinities, Luxembourg based vocalist, improviser, actress and poet and her congenial fellow musician from France open the doors to a special kind of sound journey that blends free improvisation, written and instant compositions with familiar sonorities. Dreamlike and suggestive soundscapes, experiments, sound painting, the use of extended vocal and instrumental techniques as well as narrative art take the audience to an always surprising, inviting and spirited experience off the beaten track. 


“An amazing concert. Experimentation. We are in an urban jungle. We are in a bar. We are on the roof of a building in London. We are on a street, and the music is with us. As long as there are voices like Sascha’s and instruments such as Laurent's, everything will be fine.”

                                                                                                                                             Paulo Lobo

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