“An amazing concert. Experimentation. We are in an urban jungle. We are in a bar. We are on the roof of a building in London. We are on a street, and the music is with us. As long as there are voices like Sascha’s and instruments such as Laurent's, everything will be fine.”

                                                                                                                                             Paulo Lobo

Voice | double bass

Sascha Ley & Laurent Payfert present the subtle art of combining vocals and double bass. Based on mutual musical affinities, Luxembourg’s renowned singer, actress and poet and her congenial fellow musician open the doors to a special kind of sound journey that blends free improvisation, written and instant compositions with familiar sonorities.Dreamlike and suggestive soundscapes, experiments, sound painting, the use of extended vocal and instrumental techniques as well as narrative art take the audience to an always surprising, inviting and spirited experience off the beaten track. 






After an exciting and intense recording at the Studio Amper in Clouange, France from July 3 to 5, the post production has started! We are close to the mastering ...

On our second album we have recorded a few tunes with our fellow musicians Jean Pascal Boffo - guitarist and our sound engineer - and Murat Oztürk on piano, both from France.

The release is planned for spring 2019, though we might make it possible to make you listen to some work sometimes before. 




Völklinger Völklinger Hüttenjazz Festival August 2018


Dreamlike soundscapes.  Sascha Ley and Laurent Payfert offer something unusual. A truly eccentric duo with a combination of vocals and double bass showed this difficult art at a high level. They promised dreamlike and suggestive soundscapes, which reach the enthusiastic jazz audience indeed, which in turn showers the musicians with much applause.

Andreas Lang, Saarbrücker Zeitung(D)08/18





We are preparing a new page on our site with interesting yet unpublished material  plus further experiments, sometimes with guests as well ... 

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Next concerts

December 2018

01.12. || 20h00 | Le Terminus | Sarreguemines 


07.12. || 18h00 | Villa Vauban | Luxembourg