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“An amazing concert. Experimentation. We are in an urban jungle. We are in a bar. We are on the roof of a building in London. We are on a street, and the music is with us. As long as there are voices like Sascha’s and instruments such as Laurent's, everything will be fine.”

                                                                                                         Paulo Lobo 03/2013




20.08. ::  Festival Jazz en sol mineur :: Médiathèque :: Longwy (F)

01.09. ::  Konrad Café & Bar :: Luxembourg (L)

23.09. ::  TOL :: Luxembourg (L)


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In case you know Sascha Ley, you will know what to expect from this CD. The Saarbrücken born vocal artist from Luxembourg, who also works as an actress and composer, is – if one may say so – without parallel in Europe. Melodious, expressive and with stunning lyrics (three of which can be found on the cover). Of course she makes ample use of her voice, not only when reciting/singing the lyrics, but also in order to perform them in a moving manner; in every respect an extraordinary singer and musician. She is accompanied by the bass player Laurent Payfert and thereby connected to the entire spectrum of acoustic music this enchanting solo artist stands for. There is a lot of storytelling, acting and improvisation involved in each of these songs. Here we find music and drama combined in a unique way.

11/15 Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen JAZZ PODIUM (D) 


"The Wee Hours" is an album with a lot of improvisation and just a few songs. No standards. The "normal" songs feature the vocalist who really can sing. Moving off the beaten paths even here. The remaining pieces seem improvised on the spot. She keeps playing with words and melody, with the sound possibilities of the mouth and throat. Sascha is accompanied by an inventive double bass. Fans of Greetje Bijma will enjoy this album for sure.  08/15 Hessel Fluitman JAZZ FLITS (NL) 


CD tip of the month of June 2015 ! An exciting journey through jazz, instant composing and improvisation. Being only two, the duo explores the sonic possibilities of voice and bass, often onomatopoeic, with few but powerful lyrics. A kind of musical theater, that goes without pictures, but all the more creates impressive atmospheres06/15 Mane Stelzer MELODIVA (D)


CD of the week! An outstanding edition. Musically adventurous. 05/15 Constantin Sieg, RADIO UNERHÖRT MARBURG (D)

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